Lluites pel PATRIMONI is an initiative of the Antic Gremi de Revenedors Association, 1447, which aims to highlight the recovery of the intangible, real estate, and movable heritage of Catalonia. The rich cultural heritage of our country, often overlooked or silenced, becomes a matter of great importance when people and organizations fight for it and take responsibility, as is the case in the history of our association, with 575 years of uninterrupted activity. The goal is to give voice to these insatiable but often solitary struggles in order to create synergies, provide support, and emerge stronger from them.



The Federation of the Historical Traditional Procession of Igualada

The Federation of the Historical Traditional Procession of Igualada (FESTHI) is a non-profit cultural organization with the common goal of preserving a specific heritage celebration, particularly focused on the historical traditional procession of the city of Igualada.

The Association of Friends of the Jewish Quarter of Catalonia

The Association of Friends of the Jewish Quarter of Catalonia was established in the summer of 2020 as a civil society initiative to promote the Catalan Jewish heritage, past and present, with the aim of introducing their traditions and their involvement in Catalan society and dispelling the prejudices that have often accompanied them throughout history.

Lluita masiaire

The "Masiaire Project"

The “Masiaire Project” offers both property owners and farm managers the opportunity to recover the heritage of rural houses and thus halt the process of disappearance experienced in recent years. The role of this project is to connect property owners and farm managers and ensure the compliance with a sharecropping contract that both parties will have agreed upon.


Save Casa Vallmanya

#SaveCasaVallmanya is the platform driven by different citizens and cultural organizations in the region that advocates for the conservation and revitalization of the ancestral home of President Francesc Macià’s family in Vallmanya, Alcarràs (El Segrià, Lleida).

Lluita campanes

The Inventory of Bells

The Inventory of Bells and Bell Towers of the Archdiocese of Barcelona is a project born out of society’s forgetfulness of sound and immaterial heritage and the mobile and immobile objects that produce it. Its goal is to know, create a list of bells, bell towers, and significant elements related to them in the city and archdiocese of Barcelona, with the intention of making it known.

Arxivers Sense Fronteres

“Arxivers Sense Fronteres (ASF) is a non-governmental organization without profit motive formed by volunteer archivists with the goal of promoting and collaborating in the preservation of documentary collections that are in danger of disappearing, ensuring their proper treatment so that they can be made available to society.