After a year of celebration, we are entering another year of work and cultural dissemination. Everything we have planned is designed to strengthen and promote culture in various aspects.

The painting and video awards are intended to provide opportunities for emerging artistic talents. With the scholarship and publications, we support historical research. Through temporary exhibitions, we showcase lesser-known works from various creative fields, exhibited in a unique setting. With guided tours of our headquarters, we introduce the public to an entity with over five hundred years of uninterrupted history.

In summary, another year of working for the culture of this small country. What we don’t do for ourselves, no one else will.

Follow the activities of the organization.

Renart Prize

The Renart Prize is born with the intention of further expanding the artistic collection of the organization and, in the process, providing a great opportunity for young authors to become part of a collection with more than 500 years of history. The name of the prize is a tribute to Joaquim Renart, a renowned chronicler and artist in Catalonia, of whom the organization holds a significant collection.

The Sequence Prize

The Sequence Prize is a short film competition that this year is being held under the title Persistence

Participants can enter under three video categories: less than 1 minute, less than 8 minutes and the best chosen by the public.

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Exhibitions As a result of celebrating 575 years of uninterrupted activity of the organization, we have organized a series of exhibitions to showcase our artistic and documentary collection and, in the process, display the guild hall.

With the intention of setting up other exhibitions and making them itinerant, we publish all the information about those that have already been held: a brief description of what has been exhibited, the pieces displayed, and a presentation video.


Guided Tours

Guided Tours We propose a visit to the famous Plaça del Pi, seeing it as an example of the Barcelona that governed itself, that could speak to the powerful, the city that went to the gate to meet the kings because they couldn’t enter without permission. The Barcelona of the Consell de Cent and the guilds.

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