Renart Awards

Paint the swallows of Barcelona!

Open call until June 6th!

Throughout the 575 years of activity of the Antic Gremi de Revenedors Association 1447, there has always been – at different times in history – a desire to support the world of art

The Renart Awards were created with a view to further expanding the association’s art collection and, at the same time, giving an opportunity to young artists to become part of an art collection that dates back more than five hundred years. The name of the award pays homage to Joaquim Renart, a revered artist and cartoonist from Catalonia, of whom the entity has an important collection.

In order to improve our collection and promote artistic creation, we are proud to launch the call for entries for  the Renart 2023 Awards, under the theme “Paint the Barcelona of 2048”  and with the following prizes:

  • First prize of €3,000
  • Second prize of €1,500
  • Third prize of €1,000
Below are the terms and conditions of the 2023 call for entries and the video of the award ceremony, held on 25 May.

2023 Call for Entries

On Thursday, 25 May 2023, the ceremony for the 1st edition of the Renart Awards was held in the guild hall.

The jury, made up of Damià Amorós (art historian and museum curator), Albert Mercadé (art critic), Mercè Ros (director of the Marlborough Gallery) and Clàudia Segura (curator of exhibitions and collections at MACBA), decided to declare the first and second prizes void and award the third prize to the work:

  • “Shaurà esvaït” – Neus López Ortiz

“S’haurà esvaït” – Neus López Ortiz, third prize winner