2048×100=Barcelona Cent veus per al futur d’una ciutat Often, cinema and books have fictionalized the future. Sometimes they have succeeded; in other cases, the result has not been successful. In any case, attempting to project the present into the future is a very human characteristic. This is the underlying proposal of the book, aiming to […]

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Guided Tours

GUIDED TOURS A Bit of History King James I established the City Council in 1249, although the institution underwent changes until it acquired its definitive configuration in 1274: the government system was composed of a council of five members or Councillors, one of whom was the Chief Councillor. Below them was the so-called Council of

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Exhibitions IMAGES OF PERSISTENCE AND CHANGE. OLD MAPS AND PLANS OF BARCELONA (16TH-20TH CENTURIES) From March 28 to  May 23, the guild hall hosted the exhibition “Images of Persistence and Change. Old Maps and Plans of Barcelona (16th-20th Centuries)”. A journey through the history and urban planning of Barcelona through a display of 25 plans

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Renart Awards

Renart Awards Paint the swallows of Barcelona! Open call until June 6th! AWARD RULES REGISTER NOW! Throughout the 575 years of activity of the Antic Gremi de Revenedors Association 1447, there has always been – at different times in history – a desire to support the world of art.  The Renart Awards were created with

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The Sequence Prize

SEQÜÈNCIA AWARD We boost the audiovisual creation of Catalonia! Open call until April 1st. AWARD RULES REGISTER NOW! The Antic Gremi Revenedors 1447 Association has announced the call for entries for the Seqüència Award  with a view to nurturing audiovisual creation in Catalonia. As a cultural entity and promoter of the conservation of Catalan historical

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